2016 Marsanne

Welcome to Domaine Artefact’s first wine of the month post! In this blog, I am going to profile/feature one of our wines each month. Everyone knows how much I love to cook and every Sunday, friends and family gather at our winery to share stories, food and wine- so, this wine/food pairing blog is a logical extension (yes- I hear you). For those unfamiliar with Domaine Artefact, my husband and I started this winery from the ground up in 2007. We found the Highland Valley climate (just north of San Diego- near San Pasqual Valley) to be conducive to Mediterranean varietals so we made the executive decision to focus on Rhône grape varietals! Many of our customers are tasting these varietals for the first time and it’s a great treat to hear people say, “I typically don’t like white wines, but I like these” or “I have never tasted a Rosé”!

Many people have never heard of Marsanne, Roussanne, Mourvèdre or Grenache Blanc. I thought it would be good time to introduce our wine club members and followers to each of our wines. Now that we produce 12 wines, we can highlight each one of our wines in a “wine of the month” feature. In this blog, you will learn a little about our vineyard, our wine, the varietal and a wine/food pairing recipe to try!

Why start with Marsanne?? Well, it’s probably the least known varietal that we grow and I have come to really appreciate wines produced by this varietal. Marsanne is an extremely food friendly white wine grape and pairs with all types of seafood and shellfish, especially the richer varieties like lobster, crab, shrimp, sea-bass, clams and mussels. It also pairs perfectly with chicken, veal, pork dishes, spicy flavors and Asian cuisine.