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Domaine Artefact maintains a small orchard of organically farmed Mission olives, which are milled on-site to produce our “Late Harvest” Mission olive oil. Mission olives are the oldest of the California varietals, introduced to California in 1769 by the Franciscans with the establishment of San Diego’s Mission de Alcala. Mission olives are considered an “endangered heritage food” by Ark of Taste (a catalog of foods that are sustainably produced, unique in taste or part of a distinct ecoregion).

The Mission olive is a perennial favorite for both table olives and oil production. Our orchard is fertilized and mulched with compost created by the animals on the estate and sprayed with natural clay to prevent olive fly infestation. “Late Harvest” Mission olive oil produces a rich buttery oil with a tropical, fruity quality. Our oil is exceptionally flavorful, vibrant and nutrient rich. Supply is limited each year, so we encourage you to order as soon as possible!

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