Our Estate


High above Escondido’s San Pasqual Valley, nestled between granite-studded ridges, lies Domaine Artefact. The estates’ east-west valley ranges from 850ft to 1,000ft in elevation, offering a unique microclimate, moderated by cooling maritime breezes.  Our growing season averages 240 days per year with annual temperatures rarely exceeding 95° F (35° C) or dipping below 35° F (2° C).

“Domaine Artefact” pays homage to the estates of Southern France and honors the ancient artifacts found throughout the property.  These indigenous peoples resided in the San Dieguito Valley approximately 8,000 years ago.  These artifacts have since been curated and now reside in the World Museum of Natural History in San Bernardino, CA.  

In the mid-1800’s Highland Valley was known for producing wines grown for sacramental purposes, these varietals included Ruby Cabernet and Muscat of Alexander vines. These surviving vines can still be found in the low-lying areas of the property, a lasting tribute to some of the original settlers of the region. 

Today, Domaine Artefact is dedicated to growing Rhône grape varietals as well as vinifying and blending them in traditional yet innovative manners.

Our 30-acre domaine is planted with traditional Rhône varietals. The soil on the valley floor is a mixture of clay and loam, while on the south-facing hillside is a combination of sandy loam and decomposed granite.  Our vines have been grafted onto 101-14, 1103P and 420 rootstocks.  ⁣

Red Varietal Clones

  • Carignan- FPS 10.1
  • Cunoise - FPS 1 (C)
  • Grenache Noir- Alban clone
  • Petit Syrah - FPS 6.1
  • Mourvèdre- Entav 753 and Tablas Creek A
  • Syrah- Alban ("Cote Rotie", "Power Block", "Baby Block" and “James Berry”), Entav 470 and Entav 362

White Varietal Clones

  • Grenache Blanc- Entav 141 and Tablas Creek A
  • Marsanne- Entav 574 
  • Clairette Blanche- FPS 1.1
  • Roussanne- Entav 468 
  • Viognier- Entav 642 and FPS 01