About Us

Who We Are

Mark and Lynn met as undergraduates while attending UCLA. After graduation, Mark received his B.A. in Biology and pursued a career as a fisheries biologist for the State of California in Northern California. After which he began teaching high school biology at De LaSalle before eventually moving to Southern California to teach chemistry at Vista High School.

Lynn comes from a military family, allowing her to travel extensively while growing up. In her early career, she pursued architecture and urban planning, which ultimately led to a successful career in commercial real estate. Lynn is a passionate horse rider who shares Mark’s affinity for wine.

Together, they have built the Estate from the ground up, sharing all responsibilities beginning with the vision of the estate to planning, planting, and management.

Our Wine Journey

Over the last 30 years, Mark and Lynn have immersed themselves in the world of oenology and viticulture. Their travels abroad have provided the great fortune to experience wine from some of the best wine regions of the world. Lynn imbues Domaine Artefact with her warm spirit, generous hospitality while Mark, the self-taught winemaker, brings his evolved palate, know-how, and passion to craft wines for Domaine Artefact. We invite you to join us on our wine journey!